Iowa City's community technology center and Hackerspace.

Please leave your hats at the door

About us

Fuzzlabs is a non profit community technology center where all people can come to learn, play and experiment with technology. We are incorporated as a 501 C3 non profit for the education and betterment of the public.

A definition of hacker

The term hacker can mean a variety of things. Like many words its meaning can change or be modified by the context in which it is used. I write this because so many people only know the mainstream media's hyped and misconstrued version of the word and have lost sight of what it seems to me is the original meaning. The original meaning to me is somebody that has an overwhelming curiosity of the world around them. A tinkerer of sorts. Someone who can hack something together out of what many people would think wouldn't work or shouldn't be possible. A creative thinker, truly outside the box. -Tony K





So far we meet randomly twice a month at perkins in coralville ia to discuss topics important to technology geeks and plan world domination or eat food and plan hacker space stuff. Meetings typically start around 8:30PM-9:00PM. more info is posted to our face book group.


Monetary donations are appreciated if you like what we do.

You can donate in more than just monetary ways if you have training or special experience in a field or just want to help out ask about donating time, teaching a class or other donations are welcome. Heck every one likes brownies don't they?!